ABCD Indexing Journal Criteria

  • Online Journal (E-ISSN)
  • Minimum 3 Year Old Journal publication frequency (Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly)
  • Each volume/issue should have a published paper.
  • No space for special issues. Conference paper allows.
  • Strictly follow page numbers on paper, assign a paper ID.
  • Clearly specify about charges (Publication / Portal / Page Number / Number of Author /Digital Certificates / Print Charges / Number of Colored figures / Language Improvement / Formatting / etc.)
  • Specify maximum and minimum time of review process/publication duration after acceptance. The paper should have a clear section of the experimental setup with related information Dataset live link (If any), Material / Hardware / Software approx cost (As per market).
  • Take virtual (Video) viva of the author by reviewer, to have more understanding of the topic for the reader. Diversity in the geographical distribution of editors,
  • Diversity in the geographical distribution of authors. Strictly publish a paper in allowed research area only.
  • Select any of relevant (research area) registered reviewer of ABCD portal, who can monitor and rate your publication.
  • Reader / Authors comment about the journal and published paper citation plays an important role for indexing.

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ABCD Services

  • Validate Journal Details
  • Filter Good Article Reviewer List (Stream / Expert)
  • Promote Open Access Publication
  • Research Training Program
  • Highlight Good Researcher as Celebrity

Needs of ABCD Indexing

  • Unknown Review Time
  • Lack of Information (Site / Charge / Status)
  • No control on Journal
  • Back Date Publication
  • Fake Journal Site
  • Constant Reviewer Comments