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Journals are invited to join the Research Article Medium of Publication (RAMP) Program. Under this program ABCD-Index visitors, authors, reviewers, submit papers of various research area to the RAMP portal for publication. As per the paper content AI tool finds the relevant journals and forward paper to the journal for review. Journal submit paper status Accept/Reject/Resubmit to the RAMP along with publication/processing fees (if applicable). RAMP forward journal name, fees, status, to the author. This portal learns about the journal published content, services, authors relevancy to forwards more papers for publication.

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Steps of RAMP Publication:

  1. Author submits a paper to the RAMP portal. RAMP AI tool, selects journal as per the paper content.
  2. Journal shares the status of the paper after the review process.
  3. ABCD Index RAMP shares the status of the paper with authors.
  4. Incase of acceptance publication charges (if applicable) shared with the author along with copyright form.
  5. Authors submit (Fee, Documents) directly to the journal or via ABCD Index RAMP (Send to journal in two working days).

Journal Step to Join RAMP program: 

  1. Submit Journal Details
  2. RAMP verify Journal and start sending papers.

How ABCD-Index Support Journals

Steps to get Papers for Publication by RAMP

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RAMP Terms & Conditions

1. Journal listing at RAMP portal is free of charge.

2. RAMP portal provides relevant papers for publication to journals who are interested to publish with us. 

3 .RAMP Team suggests listed journals to authors/visitors for publication

4. Team will specify free/paid, publication fee (if paid), review time, certificate etc as per authors queries.

5. Publishers have to mention/update RAMP about its publication policies from time to time.

6. RAMP portal is free for journals that publish for free.

7. RAMP Team & publishers can send review requests to submitted papers at RAMP portal by the author for publication. (Review Request: Author submit paper at RAMP portal and as per paper title and abstract publisher can send request to author that they are interested to review submitted article for publication)

8. Author can accept or reject the review request. (As author get more then one journal Review Request hence it depends on author to accept any one or two journal review request)

9. Journal can send a maximum two review requests in a day. 

10. The RAMP Team can send any number of review requests for a journal in a day.

11. RAMP shares author details with publishers for paper whose review request is accepted by author and completion of review with an acceptance of for paper publication.

12. RAMP team and publisher follow up authors for completing publication formalities like copyright form, Article processing charges APC (if applicable), final paper copy, etc.

13. Any kind of payment/charges (Publication Fees, Certificates, Number of Pages, Number of Authors, etc.) accepted by journal/publisher regarding publication will be considered a paid journal.

14. Publisher has to pay 10% of publication fee for: 

1. Each published paper provided by the RAMP team for review and publication.

2. Each published paper when RAMP Paper author submitted fee directly to the journal.

3. Each paper when RAMP received publication charges. (90% of amount will be shared to the journal)

4. Each paper submitted to a journal that was previously submitted for publication on RAMP portal.

5. Each paper submitted to RAMP but later on the author submitted directly to the journal by any medium.

15. The RAMP team can suspend or remove any journal with a notification/warning.

16. Journal can raise any issue related to these terms & conditions at

17. On any issue or suggestions the final decision will always be ABCD Index's.

18. For any conflicts of interest mail at 


Formatting Support Service:

1. Manuscript formatting charges lies between 60 to 100 Rs for Indian Journals and 1 to 2 dollars for Non-Indian journals as per paper content. 

2. If a journal wants the paper on the same day (24 hours) then they have to pay 160 Rs or 3 USD.

3. One time correction after formatting is free. 

RAMP is free portal for authors and verified journals. 

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