Searching a particular topic research paper is a tough task for scholars as search engines are presenting other relevant content that might not be required. This portal helps scholars to read clustered papers as per user query. Article wing of this portal was developed to resolve the following issues:

  1. Latest Paper: Article publishing year helps scholars to reach a particular type of content, as search engines do not help to filter content as per publication time so Year filter work for them.

  2. Indexing: Paper quality depends on Journal quality, so indexing of paper content helps to retrieve good content.

  3. Country: Some authors when targeting a paper from a particular country publisher then this filter gives paper from a country-specific search query based paper listing.

  4. Paid/Free: Authors who are searching to understand a topic but need free access papers only, can use this filter of the portal. As free access papers were listed in the paper.

  5. Content-Type: When the author wants to write a related work portion of a paper/document then as per query only survey or review papers should appear in search by using this filter, as search engines do not provide such.

Scholars get this platform to reduce the searching time and reach good content without any technical limitations. Our team works hard to provide good content to the relevant class of search query. One of the hidden benefits is people can search for a topic title of their paper by finding no relevant paper title. ABCDIndex portal to avoid some of the low-quality or poor content papers that have no use due to lack of grammar, information, data, validity, etc.