Publication of any article, book, letter related to any area of science, art, commerce, management, etc. needs a publisher. An organized body that has a core team to review a submitted document, formatting staff for final publication of an article in a specific volume, the issue is Journal. Journals are broadly classified into two classes Print or Electronic (Online). Print Journals provide hard copies of the published articles to the author, libraries, conferences, etc. Electronic journals provide published articles digitally through web portals. Journals are differentiated on the basis of open or paid access mode as well. In open access reader can read any paper without payment, subscription, or special credentials. In paid access an individual, organization, college, university purchase a package of the publisher for reading published papers.

This portal organizes journals profile as per current status of the paper like publisher name, address, year of the start of journal, current indexing of the journal, paid or free access, web address, etc.. Following are the major cause of developing this portal:

  • Indexing: Most of the researcher are searching journals for specific indexing, hence ABCDIndex provide an Indexing filter for famous indexing like SCIE, ESCI, SCOPUS, UGC CARE, THOMAS REUTERS, etc.

  • Country: Portal helps scholars to filter journal as per country as most of time publication process need an international transaction, so some country researcher faces a major issue. This filter helps scholars to select a country as per transaction compatibility.

  • Print/Online: This information help author to get final medium of publication as some of the people are making some fake website of print journals are publishing content. So a clear publication medium is a mention for each journal.

  • Rating: ABCDIndex provides a rating of the journal as per the current indexing dataset, review time, transaction transparency (as some journals mention publication charges in email), citation of the journal, papers, etc. This rating help scholar to select journal as per their requirement.

  • Paid/Free: Journal payment condition for access a paper is a mention by this filter.

International Journals common platform ABCDIndex monitor publisher and inform authors about the current behavior. We invite journals to signup and submit your journal to get indexing at ABCDIndex platform and increase the reach of journals around the globe between authors community. Journals get benefitted by the portal under the following points:

  1. Profile Page of Journal

  2. Real Indexing Data

  3. Visitor comments

  4. Rating

  5. Impact Factor

  6. Increase Journal Traffic by real reader/authors

ABCD is free to access platform for journals, authors, readers. Our team works hard to insert and update research-related data continuously. Inform us about any journal information like paper processing time, indexing, web URL, paid/free access, publisher detail as this helps other young scholars. Knowledge should be spread and free for all.

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