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 Journal Finder For Publication

Scholars, academicians, researchers, PHD students and other individual works and research in their fields of interest. As research is a part of their career advancement, they seek help from mentors, seniors, friends and others who are in contact with them.

In the era of internet and technology almost everything is available online so how come the publication industry remains left behind, they are leading in the academic industry by making available all types of data and information on their online space. the publication industry. Scholars and researchers now acquire research through digital libraries, journals, indices and other databases present over the internet. They can publish their work or research papers or articles in journals which provide its services online. There are many journals which provide hybrid facilities and operate or function both online and offline simultaneously or regularly.

Indexes are one of the main sources that help in finding good journals to acquire research data or publish research papers and articles. Many indexing agencies and database sites provide tools to find journals according to one's research. They can find appropriate journals which are suitable for their research by inserting titles, subtitles, keywords, abstract etc.

At present many big indices own journals in a variety of fields so they promote only their journals to the person or individual who are looking for good journals to publish their work. Apart from that there are many indices and journals which promote paid publication, just for information many of paid journals compromise with quality of the research paper or journal and publish them without thinking twice as their key motive is earning money; this type of behaviour is not good for upcoming researcher because they have to suffer with low quality content.

Everything contains positivity or negativity in itself. so there are some good journals also present which support authenticity and promote good quality content to the readers all around the world. As you know a journal's quality is mostly destined and depends on how many times and on how many indexing agencies or database companies index it on their platform. It increased the reliability and credibility of the journals.

One can look for indexing and database agencies to find journals for publication. Here in this segment of the article we are going to provide the list of indexes and databases so that one can look for journals which publish in their discipline. They are as follows :


Web of Science


ABCD Index





ABCD index is one of the platforms that provide free access to its services for scholars, researchers, academicians, colleges, universities, research institutes etc. one can find a list of journals on this platform without paying a cent.