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ABCD Index Invites Researchers/ Scholars/ Lecturers/ Professors/ Scientist to become Society Membership. As research is a continuous process that needs contributions from different people, hence society increases this strength by sharing thoughts, content, ideas, and resources among members. Each country state has department-wise society members, so information collection and monitoring get more minute. ABCD Index will be a great platform where people can speak, contribute, judge, object, propagate and modify activities for the improvement of education/research work. This platform helps people to get a global identity to express, learn and reach with true data. Members can get Selected reviewers of the site get a free membership with the following power, responsibilities, and benefits.

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ABCD Society Member Responsibilities

• List resources of research like instruments, software, and dataset present in your state.
• Inform about research scholarship, sponsorship, funding, etc.
• Journals located in your country, state, and belonging to your department society are sent to you to review its publications work (Ethical/Unethical).
• Conferences organized in your country, state, belonging to your department society are sent to you to review their authenticity.
• Members/Reviewers addressed in your country, state, and belonging to your department society are sent to you to check their profile, and research work.
• Inform about any predatory journals/conferences that are doing some unethical practices.
• Recommend a good journal/conference that should be indexed, so other people also come to know about it.
• In the case of audit of education, publication organizations, members should submit its opinion at the ABCD Index dashboard to conclude their ranking and work.
• Increase the reach of the ABCD Index to other people, so the team gets stronger and information reaches more people in less time.
• Collect suggestions, and demands by a survey from the research/educational community to improve the quality of work.
• Quarterly address members of your department and society to improve education and research work quality (Online Meeting).

ABCD Society Member Benefits

• Members can recommend Journal/Conference/Member/Reviewer to get indexing at the ABCD portal.
• Members get benefits in ABCD Indexed conferences/Journal publications.
• Global identity of members in a particular society of research.
• Increase reach of active members in society to lead as a country head.
• Get a lifetime global communication platform with similar society people to learn and teach work done by people.
• Get the latest and segmented information on journals/conferences/articles/research tools, instruments globally.
• Blockchain space of your profile and research work.
• ABCD Index recommends member profiles to journals for Editorial members.
• Policy recommender and voter for decision making.
• ABCD Index provides legal support to members for any unethical happening.

To get membership approval kindly follow the below steps:

1. Log in to your dashboard at .
2. Click on the Membership option.
3. Select your Country, State, Department, and Society for application.
4. Click on the apply button.

Members get small assignments to complete on a portal for the welfare of society. Active members will be promoted to become Senior Members, then State Head, then Country Head of a particular Society.