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International Conference On Intelligent Algorithms For Computational Intelligence Systems (IACIS)

Mode: Online/Offline Conference Date: 2024-08-23 Views : 143

Institute: Navkis College of Engineering, Hassan
Mode: Online/Offline
Start Date: 2024-08-23
End Date: 2024-08-24
Coordinator: Dr. Deepak H A +91 9739865862 Dr. Ravikiran H K +91 9986889217 Dr. Sathisha M S +91 9886102846
Paid/Free: Paid
Call for Papers Intelligent Algorithm Big Data Analytics Bio-inspired Algorithms Cognitive Computing Data Mining and Pattern Recognition Evolutionary Optimization Explainable AI Fuzzy Logic and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems Hybrid Intelligent Algorithms Image and Video Processing Intelligent Control Systems Computational Intelligence Computational Intelligence for Internet of Things (IoT) Computational Intelligence in Healthcare Decision Support Systems Evolutionary Computation Evolutionary Robotics Intelligent Agents Intelligent Data Analytics Knowledge Representation Machine Learning & Data Mini

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