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38th ACM/IEEE Symposium On Logic In Computer Science

Mode: online Conference Date: 2023-06-26 Views : 125

Institute: Boston University, USA
Mode: Online
Start Date: 2023-06-26
End Date: 2023-06-29
Coordinator: Https://
Paid/Free: Paid
Call for Papers Automata theory, automated deduction, categorical models and logics, concurrency and distributed computation, constraint programming, constructive mathematics, database theory, decision procedures, description logics, domain theory, finite model theory, formal aspects of program analysis, formal methods, foundations of computability, foundations of probabilistic, real-time and hybrid systems, games and logic, higher-order logic, knowledge representation and reasoning, lambda and combinatory calculi, linear logic, logic programming, logical aspects of AI, logical aspects of bioinformatics, logi

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