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Region: INDIA

Visiting Students Research Programme


Last Date 19-06-2030

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(Deemed to be University)

Visiting Students' Research Programme

The summer research programme for 2023 in TIFR's Colaba campus will operate in the following manner:

1.  A limited number of students who are selected via the summer programmes offered by the National Science Academies will be hosted for their summer internships at TIFR.  Once the Academies' final lists are out, selected students may approach TIFR faculty for summer research.  

2.  Some summer housing slots are available for such students. Students should please wait for confirmation regarding housing, not just acceptance by the faculty member.

3.  Summer student housing is available from 1st May 2023. Housing ends on Wednesday 28th June at 10:00 am without exception, no matter when the student started their summer internship.  Please note this before you make your plans.


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