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Funding / Fellowship

Last Date 10-02-2030

This grant supports the training and development of PhD students and postgraduate research assistants. Grants of up to £1,000 are available.


These grants help PhD students and postgraduate research assistants to meet the costs of specialist field training courses and to network and publicise their research by presenting their work at workshops and conferences.

There is no deadline for these grants, they are awarded on a first come first serve basis. When the funding runs out for the first round, you will not be able to apply for a training and travel grant.

In general in any year, if the meeting you wish to attend is between January and the end of June, you must apply to the first round in that year, which opens in early January. If the meeting is after June, you should apply to the second round, which opens in early July. (Please note that awards may take up to two weeks to be processed, therefore events taking place in the first two weeks of July are eligible for application within the first round). 

Our grants are changing: We are launching a new grants programme in 2024 that will be distinctive, further careers and support the entire ecological community. This does not affect our Training & Travel grants which will remain the same.

Eligibility and Conditions

All applicants are required to:

  • be a BES member.
  • Use an institutional email address in order to apply. Any exceptions must be discussed in advance of submission with the BES Head Office for approval.
  • be a PhD student, postgraduate research assistant (within 3 years of completing relevant degree) or equivalent (Postdoc researchers are therefore not eligible to apply).
  • work or study at a university or research institution (including field centres, NGOs, museums, etc.) that provide research facilities.
  • work in scientific areas within our remit (the science of ecology) and of relevance to the training course or meeting they are applying to attend.
  • give a presentation if attending a meeting.
  • No retrospective claims for funding will be considered.
  • Applications for travel to informal training or masters/degrees/fellowships etc. will not be considered.
  • Applications to attend mandatory training in order to complete their degree will not be considered, examples include health and safety courses.
  • Applications for specialist training/identification courses that have an ecological focus that will help improve your current research will be considered.
  • No applicant may receive more than two Training & Travel Grants in any five year period. There must be at least three years between grants.

There is no application deadline; instead, there are two opening dates within a 12 month period (January and July). Once funding for one round has been allocated, the round will close until the next opening date. If the meeting you wish to attend is between January and the end of June, you must apply to the first round. If the meeting is after June, you should apply to the second round. (Please note that awards may take up to 2 weeks to be processed, therefore events taking place in the first three weeks of July are eligible for the first round). 

Our website will be updated when the funding for each round has been allocated. Our Training and Travel grants are awarded on a first come first serve basis; submitting an application does not guarantee funding.

If you want to attend an event/training that falls within our remit, please email:

A maximum of two places per training course may be funded on a first come first serve basis. No more than two applicants from the same institution may attend the same meeting/conference.

Applications to attend training courses will only be considered for formal short-term courses with a strong ecological focus.

The applicant is responsible for booking to attend the course/event/workshop and as the grants are paid in retrospect, must pay the relevant institution/organiser the required fee at the time of booking as well as all monies additional to the award amount i.e. single supplements.

Successful applicants are bound by the booking conditions of the organisation running the event, course or workshop and non-attendance on a booked course or event will result in the applicant being personally liable for the cancellation fee.

It is a condition of all of our grant schemes that applicants submit a report within three months of the end date of your award. Reports will be submitted via our online grants system.

Our Events

We offer significant student registration discount on the costs of our own events, including our symposia and majority of our Special Interest Group (SIG) events. Therefore, Travel Grants are not available for these meetings. Grants may be considered for SIG events if the meeting is taking place outside the country in which the applicant resides.

We have a limited number of grants available to attend our Annual Meeting and Symposia if you are a student, postgraduate research assistant, and a citizen of/working in a ‘low-income economy’ or ‘lower-middle-income economy’ country according to the World Bank categorization.


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