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Local Roads And Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program - Phase 4

Funding / Fellowship

Last Date 30-06-2026

Funding under Phase 4 of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program is available from 1 July 2023 to support Eligible Funding Recipients to deliver priority local road and community infrastructure projects across Australia.

LRCI Phase 4 continues the objective of the program to provide temporary, targeted support for creating and maintaining local jobs through road infrastructure and construction activities in communities across Australia. The intended outcomes of the program are to:

deliver benefits to communities, such as improved road safety, accessibility and visual amenity; and

create local short-term employment opportunities through funding construction projects


Eligible Funding Recipients for Phase 4 are the same as for Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the LRCI Program.

Grant Activity Timeframe:

Phase 4 project construction can only begin once funding recipients have in place an executed Grant Agreement and Approved Work Schedule.

Total Amount Available (AUD):


Estimated Grant Value (AUD):

From $15,698.00 to $11,783,890.00

Instructions for Application Submission:

This grant program is not open to applications. Eligible Funding Recipients will receive a letter of offer and be required to return a signed Grant Agreement to participate in Phase 4 of the program.

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