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Innovation Action In Low Latency And High Bandwidth Interconnects (HORIZON-EUROHPC-JU-2023-INTER-02)

Funding / Fellowship

Last Date 31-01-2024


Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON)


Innovation Action in Low Latency and High Bandwidth Interconnects (HORIZON-EUROHPC-JU-2023-INTER-02)


  • Contribution towards European technological sovereignty, by establishing, maintaining and implementing a strategic R&I roadmap that fosters the European capabilities to design, develop and produce inter-node interconnects.
  • Delivering scalable energy efficient inter-node interconnect for exascale and post exascale supercomputers. The development of European interconnect should prepare the technology for its future uptake and integration in post-exascale supercomputers to be acquired at a later stage by the EuroHPC JU targeting systems incorporating European technologies.
  • A suitable software stack, including configuration, installation and management tools.


The aim is to support the R&I technology development of innovative and competitive European HPC inter-node interconnect technology.

In the era of exascale and post exascale supercomputing, in order to efficiently exploit the increasing available computation capabilities, inter-node networking (interconnect between compute nodes) becomes an even more critical component of exascale and post-exascale systems, which must be able to dynamically support the increasing number of heterogeneous computing devices in their operations. Advanced interconnection networks are required to dynamically support multiple applications, to scale efficiently and reliably at exascale level and beyond, cope with new heterogeneous accelerators and processing elements, and support datacentric and heterogeneous applications.

EuroHPC considers that a contribution from the JU of up to EUR 30 million, matched by the Participating States with a similar amount, and a duration of 3 years would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nevertheless this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals with another duration or requesting other amounts.


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