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Last Date 17-11-2030

AdvanceBio Gly-X N-glycan prep with InstantPC kit from Agilent Technologies

96-ct AdvanceBio Gly-X N-glycan prep package with InstantPC (formerly ProZyme). The entire kit makes use of an unique in-solution enzymatic protein deglycosylation procedure, followed by immediate labelling with InstantPC dye of the released N-glycans. The glycan samples can now be analysed using UHPLC, LC/MS, MS/MS, and other techniques after a quick cleanup process. The method is easy, quick, and appropriate for automation because deglycosylation and labelling are done in solution. With its unrivalled fluorescent brightness and MS signal, the InstantPC dye allows the use of a single labelling technique for a variety of glycan analysis workflows. Time required to prepare a sample: about an hour. comprised of the GX96-100 Gly-X deglycosylation module, GX96-101 Gly-X InstantPC labelling module, and GX96-102 Gly-X InstantPC cleaning module.



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