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Gas Adsorption Analyzer


Last Date 17-11-2030

ABR Dedicated Breakthrough Analyzer from Hiden Isochema

The ABR is a specially designed breakthrough analyzer with completely programmable operation, which includes control of total pressure, flow rate, composition, and temperature. Samples are placed into swappable reactor beds and dried in-situ under vacuum or with purge gas at a high temperature. Following the passage of reactive gas mixtures through the bed, a built-in mass spectrometer determines the downstream composition in real-time.


  • Programmable total pressure, flow rate, composition and temperature
  • Optimised for research-scale sample sizes with interchangeable reactor beds
  • Ultra-low dead volume for rapid signal response
  • Automated switching between purge and process gases
  • Configurations for gas-vapor and vapor-vapor separations
  • High pressure operation to 50 bar
  • Fully integrated mass spectrometer with optimized sampling interface

Company Info

Hiden Isochema

422 Europa Boulevard

Warrington, WA5 7TF

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 1925 244678

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