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Last Date 15-07-2029

Poroshell 120 from Agilent Technologies

Introducing the brand-new, cutting-edge Poroshell 120 columns, which offer reliable, high resolution separations within the pressure range of any mainstream LC now on the market, enabling existing LCs to enjoy the advantages of sub-two-micron performance. On present instruments, poroshell columns can accomplish high resolution and high speed separation, and on new high-pressure LC and LC/MS systems, they can reach better resolution and speed. Poroshell columns cost-effectively speed up customer workflows. Agilent's range of LC columns gains the Poroshell 120 columns, which join the Poroshell 300 columns available for bioseparations as a highly productive, high resolution choice.

High efficiency similar to sub-2 m
40 to 50 percent less pressure
particle size of 2.7 m
An "average" frit to prevent clogging
The particle has a solid (1.7 m) inner core and a porous (1.0 m with a 0.5 m) outer layer.

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Agilent Technologies

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Santa Clara, CA 95051

United States

Phone: +1 877-424-4536

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