Web Of Science Master Journal List



Web of Science Master Journal List

What is a web of science

Researchers, scholars, and academicians need different types of academic data for their ongoing or upcoming research. For finding academic data that is reliable and relevant for their specific subject or field they seek platforms which provide access to its detailed content databases to users as per their requirements.

Web of science master journal list

Here in this segment, we are briefly going to discuss what is the web of science and its master journal list. How useful it is? How can one use this list? Pros and cons of the list etc. step by step.

Web of science is an academic database platform that provides paid or subscription-based access to its users. where they can easily grasp whatever they are looking for.

The master journal list provided by web of science is a tool that helps scholars, researchers, academicians or other individuals to find academic data or journals indexed or hosted on web of science platforms. By using this one can find related data by journal ISSN no, keywords, author name, journal name etc. the purpose of making this list is to help researchers and scholars to reach valuable information in no time. That makes it good and usable.


web of science journal list is under following headings with quality search option:

ESCI Journal List 

SSCI Journal List 

SCI-E Journal List 

Alternative of WoS Master Journal List

The journal list updates from time to time. It is said that the list was updated on a monthly basis but sometimes researchers and scholars get a list of journals in which some of which are outdated or not listed on the site at present. Apart from that they provide a list of journals in a sheet and finding data from it; is quite hectic and troublesome for some of them.

To edge this issue one can look for another platform which provides an updated list of content one is looking for with a user-friendly interface.

ABCD Index is one of the platforms that provide free access to its database for users like academicians, scholars, researchers, universities, research institutes, professors, lecturers, students and any other individuals who are seeking databases related to research. This platform provides a user-friendly interface so anyone can access whatever information they desire in the field of research whether it's research papers, articles, other indexing journals or citation indexing.

Benefits of using the ABCD Index list of journals

  • Find data by using filters.
  • Search papers or articles by keywords, title, author’s name etc.
  • Search journals by issn no.
  • Filter information as per need.
  • Find journals, research papers or articles indexed in various indexing sites like SCOPUS, WEB OF SCIENCE, UGC CARE, NAAS, SCI-E, SSCI, ABCD Index etc.
  • Filter data as per department, subject, field or discipline.


One can use this information to find whatever they are looking for and as we know the world is full of information so individuals can also use other platforms as well for finding data that suits them well.