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Web of Science Journal Finder

Students, Researchers, scholars, academicians, professors and other individuals whenever to make up their minds to do research in their discipline; the first thing they do before going further is collecting research databases. As research plays an important role in their career advancement so they don’t want to lose this opportunity by minor common mistakes which were ignored by many. Which is begin or start the research without looking back or grasping hold on the basics.

It is important to have the basic knowledge about the topic or subject in which one is going to conduct research or want to know more about the process, methods, tools and outcomes of the previous researches done by scholars in that particular field.

Web of Science is an indexing and database agency. Which provide academic databases in various fields i.e. science, arts, technologies, humanities, mathematics etc.

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Web Of Science Journals

As a part of the academic world one knows that Indexes are most common and one of the key sources that assists in finding good journals, which contains research databases according to one’s discipline and publish research papers or articles in their area of interest.

By the grace of modern technologies, many indexing agencies and database sites provide tools to find journals according to one's research. one can find appropriate journals which are suitable for publishing their research by inserting titles, subtitles, keywords, abstract of the paper or article etc.

web of science journal list is under following headings with quality search option:

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To find a web of science listed journals one can go to ABCD index platform. It is a platform which provides journal indexing and databases in the field of science, mathematics, arts, computers, engineering, data science, machine learning, humanities, social sciences, nursing etc. Apart from this it provides free access to its information for students, scholars, researchers, academicians, colleges, universities, research labs, institutes and people who are looking for genuine and authentic information regarding their department, field or subject.

ABCD index provides a user-friendly interface for everyone so that the transportation of knowledge circulates among readers and remains in the flow. By using this one can gather information related to their fields or discipline easily in a timely manner.

How to find a web of science journal on ABCD index platform

One can find web of science journals on ABCD index platform by follow the steps given below:

Step 1 – Go to the ABCD index portal.

Step 2 – go to the search bar and insert the field / subject / keyword then click on the search button.

Step 3 – go to the filter section and select the web of science from the indexing menu’s drop down list.

Step 4 – click on the search button.

List of web of science journals will be visible on your screen.-

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