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In this article we are going to provide information about the upcoming online international conferences going to be held in India. Universities, colleges and research institutes organize conferences from time to time. The nature of conferences are dynamic so one can not certify the date and time of the meetings, because of this the scholars and researchers won't get notified on time and miss or delay the opportunity to participate and get the certificate of an international conferences and sometimes they get the notification just before the conference in this situation there will be no time for them to go that far or make themselves available physically  there in a short period of time.

 Considering all of these situations organizers begin to look for an alternative that would help to face the uneven circumstances. The present era is far ahead then the old and traditional way of meetings. The world of modern technology and the internet revolutionaries every expectation of human life; where  with the help of technology, people can reach wider audiences and connect to more people in a blink of an eye. 


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Use of these technologies is also user friendly, One can easily get used to it just by using one or two times.  Apart from that pandemic like covid 19 has also become  one of the reasons which makes organizers  inclined towards the online mode of conferences.

Advantages of attending or participating in the online conferences :

  • One can join or participate in online conferences remotely. They won't have to waste their precious time on other things like traveling, packing etc.
  • One can avoid side effects of continuous traveling like motion sickness, jetlag, obesity etc.
  • Promotes eco-friendly meetings with zero wastage of papers.
  • Help in increasing the reach of the research to the wider audience in a short time.
  • Get a certificate online.

There are many more advantages of joining online conferences but as the famous proverb states, “not everything that glitters is gold” is well suited to online conferences. it is recommended to scholars to avoid only online mode of conferences because as it is quiet convenient for people, so  their might be possibilities they would neglect the idea of joining conferences offline; if this occurs it will discourage the spirit of presenting papers offline in front of other participants, the reason why it is recommended to go for offline mode is that it will help researchers and scholars to gain experience of presenting themselves in front of crowd and learn from other participants by meeting them personally.

There are various platforms which provide information regarding conferences but it is quite difficult to distinguish between the authentic and the inauthentic one, many of them lack transparency as well, so how can one have a genuine, transparent and trustworthy conferences where he/ she can present their research papers and articles without worrying about their authenticity?

 To know the solution of all the above problems one can move to the ABCD index platform. Which provide almost all solutions regarding journal indexing database, research database, conferences, reviewing and many others without any cost. Information shared on the ABCD index platform is authentic, reliable and trustworthy. So one can look for the information they wanted without thinking much and worry about being cheated.

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Click Here Link- List of  international conferences going to be held in india in online and offline mode :