UGC Guideline For India PhD Scholars



Most Indian universities follow the guidelines of UGC to teach, train students of different fields for getting bachelors, Masters and Doctorates. As per the news portal of UGC, they have announced a new amendment for the Ph.D. scholars. Out of various other point, one important point is mentioned at 9.3 under the heading Evaluation and Assessment Methods, minimum standards/credits for award of the degree, etc.:”.

“It is desirable that the research work of Ph.D. scholars is published in peer-reviewed or refereed journals and presented in conferences/seminars. The quality assessment of Ph.D. degrees should be the responsibility of the Institutions. The institutions are free to evolve guidelines in this regard if needed. “

In the above amendment word, DESIRABLE means not necessary or compulsory. Before this UGC has put a work MUST that means compulsory. So most of scholars take advantage to take a degree first at the poor quality of work. This reduces the headache of publication in good journals. As good journals follow peer reviewer suggestions who check work, approve it or suggest to improve it. Scholars can publish content in low-quality journals that accept anything without any checks. Apart from the above points, one positive point of this change is students get fast degrees as many of the people who are waiting for a journal response for months is not necessary.

Lets talk about this in detail few people say that it is positive and a few say it is negative. So out of lot of discussion with our society members view ABCD Index says that it is Not Good for society in the future. Some of the basic points about their consequences are :

    1. Scholars have no pressure to make good publications.
    2. Quality of research gets low as the same Degree is awarded to all.
    3. The quantity of PhD holders gets increases without any hard labor.
    4. Universities are no longer required to invest in labs, to do innovative things.
    5. In long run, most of the crowd who are weak in research obtain key positions and the credit of research workers reduces gradually, as they have invested time in research but have no importance to show.
    6. Most PhD scholars become teachers/professors, they will be a live example for others that publication work is not very important do not waste time on it.
    7. Predatory publications and conferences will get more chances to earn.
    8. Real publisher struggle more as they get less number of good papers to heck and publish.

Humans are superior because knowledge transformation and research play an important role in that, so nations should rethink the modification and its impacts on society. ABCD Index calls all reviewers and scholars to join the portal community/society for the sake of the research community.