UGC Care List Journals



Journal publications directly validate the authors work and this needs positive comments of the reviewer/expert. But many journals are not following this (reviewing) important structure of publication, just to earn more money. To address such issue of publication UGC CARE was introduced in India, that maintains a list of good journals. This list of journals is broadly categorized into two groups. The first group of journal lists is available at UGC portal and update from time to time as per internal committee members. While second group journal list is not shown by UGC portal hence they redirect to Scopus and Web of Science indexing platforms. So for new scholars getting such valid ugc approved journal list is hard, as group one has very few journals and group two has a very large set. To solve such an issue of searching a UGC care list of journals was maintained at ABCD Index platform with a number of other information that is tough to get and understand. Many scholars need fast publication journals that are indexed in UGC CARE, some need to know about publication charges, etc. So help all such people and requirements portals provide filters:

Indexing: UGC-CARE, Scopus, ESCI, SCIE, NAAS, etc.

Paid/Free: Charges in USD, zero USD means free

Country: Check country before submission of paper as in some countries transactions are not allowed for citizens.

Rating: As per the comments obtains from the registered reviewers ABCD portal provides a rating of the journal.

Journals in ugc care list were mentioned below with different categories.


The above filter gives a few sets of journal information but to get detailed information visit the profile page of the journal where more details were explained in the comment section. Comment gives a direct interaction of people with journal and ABCD portal. So that information will be provided in 24 to 48 hours. In the about section of the journal publication language is specified, so journal that might be indexed in UGC CARE but have a different language of publication makes an alert to scholar. In some cases journal has only printed ISSN number then getting such information is also an alarming point as the print publication has a low citation count as compared to online. Apart from the live information, the journal website link is clearly mentioned in words. This help scholar to get correct journal website, as people may develop a similar famous website with other domain names.