UGC CARE Discontinue Journal List



Journals violeting the ethics of publications are removed form the UGC-CARE portal. due to some of following reasons.

1. Irrelevant paper publication.

2. Fast Publication.

3. Backdate publication.

UGC CARE discontinue few journals from the October 2023. Those journals list is:

0008-1639 California Western Law Review
0302-9832 Shodhak: A Journal of Historical Research
0375-1511 Record of the Zoological Survey of India
0970-3233 Indian Journal of Sugarcane Technology
0975-0193 GNLU Journal of Law, Development and Politics
0976-1179 HSB Research Review
1463-1725 Archaeology International
1468-8670 RPS Journal
1911-110X International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction
2160-0295 Modern China Studies
2229-7146 Critic: Journal of the Centre of Russian Studies
2277-4017 Journal of National Law University Delhi
2277-419X Atishay Kalit
2278-1641 Pudhupunal (print only)
2320-740X Sharada
2321-3590 Itihasa Darpana
2348-1129 Salis
2348-8425 Satraachee
2350-0174 International Journal of Statistics and Reliability Engineering
2393-8641 Samskrtacintanam
2395-3640 Monthly Baraheen (print only)
2454-4841 Rubber Science
2581-3986 Samdarshi
2666-3481 Indian Journal of Physical Therapy and Research
1973-2880 Antrocom Online Journal of Anthropology
2327-6096 Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America
1617-7061 Proceeding in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
NA Rooh-e-adab (print only)

ABCD-Index request authors not to publish content in these journals and share this list with other so people get save from such blacklisted journals.

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