UGC Care Approved Journals With Low Publication Charges



As per new norms of UGC, in India Ph.D. scholars have to publish their papers in Scopus, Web of Science Index journals. So the search of UGC-approved journals with low publication charges is in great trend as everybody wants to publish their research content. Some of the international journals are free but most of the journals are paid directly / indirectly. These publishers are getting a high volume of papers daily which might not be even address due to overload.

To reduce the scholar's task ABCD index provides a list of Journals that are easy and have low publication charges as well. Some of the major points one scholar should check about journals are:


Engineering Journal List

Social Science Journal List

Agriculture List

Economics Journal List

Business Journal List

Pharmaceutical Journal List

  1. Check journal validity by ISSN number on the ABCD search option.
  2. ABCD manages a list of journals on the portal with current indexing. Each journal has its own page with indexing, so check indexing at ABCD portal.
  3. Some of the sites are fake on the web so ABCD portal provides correct site link with assurance, as per various valid resources, dataset, etc.
  4. In order to get paid journals of your field scholars can use ABCD filters to get paid and free journals.
  5. Some of the comments on the portal provide information of charges they have to pay to the journal for publication.
  6. Journal reviews are also playing very important role as some are not very serious about the work, they take months to review and not working professionally.

Below are some list of journals that are paid but UGC care approved journals with low publication charges. Each journal has its own site they are free to take money or publish without any charge without informing anybody. So list was maintained as per authors comment and last site visit. Some of journals take money indirectly for editing paper content, improving English, etc.