UGC Care Approved Journals



Indian scholars who are pursuing Doctors from any UGC approved universities are bound to publish a paper in UGC care journal list. International journal for publication is easily available that may decrease the research quality as well. UGC takes a step in this direction to filter some journals that are publishing content by following research ethics. Hence UGC-CARE group journals into two category

  1. Group 1
  2. Group 2

UGC Group 1 Journals

all set of journal identified by UGC-CARE team is pointed out for the scholars, with detail like Journal name, ISSN, E-ISSN number, Publisher Detail. In this ugc care list group 1 journals are classified as per research content under following heads.

Social Science List

Science List

Multi Disciplinary List

Art & Commerce List

ABCD has also work in this direction to organize such list for scholars so they can easily get such journals and publish there content. Although ABCD monitor UGC-CARE list but scholars are suggest to cross verify from the portal as well about the current status before final publication. As UGC may un-indexed some journal as well.

UGC Group 2 Journals

Journals some of known indexing like SCOPUS, Web Of Science are considers. So all set of journals indexed by such known big indexing sites are under UGC-CARE. UGC provide a BLACKLISTED journals as well from the international journals in that indexing as per scholars comment / information who are doing unethical publication or frequent publication and UGC.

To get all set of Journals related to SCOPUS, Web Of Science ABCD provide a systematic filters for ease access of journal. Many of journals are print journal so reaching such journal is tough, such journals are manage by government bodies / Universities. So publication on such print journal is tough. ABCD suggest scholars to reach journals who are providing content online either free or paid subscription. Online publication gives two advantage to the scholars first it make your content reachable to other scholars for increasing citation. Second advantage is you can provide live link to kwon people so they come to know about your work and experience.

Engineering Journal List

Social Science Journal List

Agriculture List

Economics Journal List

Business Journal List

Pharmaceutical Journal List