List Of UGC Approved Journals



You must be aware of the news that it is mandatory(June 2019 onwards)  for any Ph.D. researcher of India who is pursuing their studies in a UGC-approved university to publish at least one of their research papers in any UGC approved journals of India to obtain their final degree. The news had made the researchers find the list of UGC approved journals at the earliest so that they can publish their research paper to avoid any problems. 

There are several UGC CARE-approved journals in INDIA where you can publish your work and can hope to get it published. Here are some of the vital points you should know before submitting your work to these UGC approved journals.

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Social Science Journal List

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Pharmaceutical Journal List


#1 Journal is basically of two types, one which allows researchers to submit their work related to one field only that the particular journal publishes. The other type of journal can offer you to publish your work on multiple disciplines. So before publishing your journal in any UGC care journal take care that the particular journal allows the subject in which you have done your research. By this, you will have more chances of its publication.

#2  You should also know the fact that it takes a minimum of one month from the date you have submitted your work to any journal for your work to get published. It is also true that deep research may take some more time for their approval.

#3  Journals can offer both free and paid services (usually starts from $200). If you are opting for free services you have to wait longer and there are usually fewer chances of its publication of your work and vice versa in the case of paid services.

#4 Before submitting any journal make sure that you follow the proper format that the journal allows and remember that your paper length should be at least 6 to seven pages. Such factors will enhance the chances of its approval.

#5  Usually, the UGC CARE approved journals entertain only definite types of research papers like Survey papers, Research Papers, Letter or Review papers. Out of which research paper has a greater chance to get published in the journals. So make sure that your work is acceptable as per Journal norms.

#6  If your work is in the English language make sure that you use high quality, grammatically correct, and right punctuation in your work. Your work should explain the research in a definite manner without adding unnecessary words or sentences. It is the foremost thing that any journal checks before considering it for approval.

#7  In case your research work is experimental you may need to explain your work in a detailed manner.

To help our dear researchers and students we are providing the list of ugc approved journals. It contains all the UGC approved journals 2021 of various domains that will definitely give you several options where to publish your research paper. We also update our database annually to provide you with the latest list of UGC-approved journals of India. Hope that it will certainly enhance the chances of publishing your paper.