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How to Get Your Research Paper Publish in the social science journal

Many times it happens with researchers that after years of hard work they are unable to publish their research in the social science journal. That does not mean that you get depressed it simply means that you need some improvisation in your research paper to get it published. Here are some of the tips from the ABCD Index to write a good social science research paper.

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Choose a Convenient Topic:

It is better to choose such topics with which you are comfortable. You can also take suggestions from your friends and professor but ultimately it’s you who have to write a research paper. You can also do some surveys and can also visit places in search of good topics. Also, remember that the review process in the social science journal is done by humans only they do not mean to purposely reject your paper.

Think like a Reviewer:

In case you are worried about the fact that the reviewer will not accept your research. Try to think like them. Ask yourself what is left in your research paper that the reviewer would like. You can also think that what a good reviver wants in any research paper. You will surely get the answers. Try to develop a framework for your paper and organize your thoughts and research work in a logical pattern you will surely get success.

Ask Your Seniors(Guides or Professor)

If you are stuck up in between the research take help from an expert. You should not hesitate or be ashamed of doing this. They will surely give you some hope and will make your work easier. 

Following the above tips, you will definitely get your paper published in the social science journal.