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Scholars and researchers from any field of research work continuously for the growth of their department or research areas. They do research on topics that should come to light for the welfare of human beings and societies.  To inform others in the field they seek a medium by which their hard earned research findings would be known to the world of researchers and other individuals working in the same field. Generally journals provide a platform where research papers and articles get published to create a database for the scholars who want to do more academic research. They write research papers or articles elaborating procedure, methods, results, purpose, etc. to publish it in the journal. This blog will let scholars and researchers know how submitting paper to journal will help in publication of research work.

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Process of submitting an article to a journal

Following are the steps that will help in understanding the Process of submitting an article to a journal.

The first step followed by any academic scholar who wants to submitting paper to journal is to find an authentic platform which publishes research articles and papers in the domain related to the researcher. ABCD Index has numerous journals listed on its website which provides free as well as paid publications. So scholar can find journal at this portal by name, issn, or research area etc. with the help of a search button.

See journal’s profile by clicking on the journal title. Here one can have a quick look at journal’s specifications or services provided by the journal in a specific time span. Information like volumes, starting year, issn, pissn, publisher details, review time, mode of journal (free/ paid) etc. 

Click on the official website of the journal. This will lead towards the journal website. Explore the site and search for the paper submission page. At the submission page or under author guidelines some directions are given. Read the publication guidelines and other terms & conditions of the journal  carefully so that authors won't have to face any kind of difficulties while submitting an article to the journal. 

Now prepare/ arrange the research paper or article as per the guidelines mentioned on the journal’s website. Make sure the title and the research content reflect the same theme otherwise chances of rejection would get high. Write the abstract precisely covering important points that highlights the requirement of the research as per the topic.  Put keywords related to research into the research paper.

Go to the submission page, fill all the details required for the submission then upload the paper in the format asked by the publisher; and click on the submit button. By this, the process of submission is complete. One will be notified by the journal after reviewing so wait patiently.