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Submit journal for indexing

Scholars, researchers and academicians conduct research from time to time. They write research papers or articles and publish them on various platforms like journals, conferences. The purpose of writing research papers is to share and promote research for people, scholars, academicians or any other individuals across the world. So that knowledge can be transmitted over the boundaries and provide easy access globally.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the procedure of submitting a journal for indexing so that scholars, researchers and academicians get to know about the journal indexing procedure and would be able to submit their journals easily on an indexing site.

Before submitting the journal on an indexing site one should consider the following points so that chances of getting indexed on the indexing platform would increase and one can experience the larger audience and bountiful reach in no time. 

They are as follows :

Valid issn no – a journal must have a valid issn no. it can be printed or online. In the case of a print journal one should submit a soft copy of the journal.

Level of publishing – a journal should mention whether it accepted papers and articles nationally or internationally. In short, a journal must publish its content either way.

Issues per year – a journal must issue a minimum 5 articles or papers in a year to be considered for indexing on a indexing platform.

Aim or scope of the journal – aim and scope of a journal should be clear about its vision, scope or aim for which he is doing all things.

How to submit journal for indexing

Publishers, editors, journals and database companies provide a platform for researchers and scholars to publish their work on their site and make it available for readers outside. A journal's quality, credibility and reliability depends on how many platforms indexed it on their platforms. It helps them to increase their reach, get more citations, get a good impact factor and be approachable by the larger audiences related to one’s discipline all around the world.

Submitting a journal for indexing will be a cake walk to you if the user interface of that site is friendly but it has been seen that many of the platforms don't provide a flexible or feasible interface so users get confused about what they should do. To edge this issue and get easily indexed on a reputable indexing platform; one can go for ABCD Index platform which provides a friendly user interface to its user and resolve issues in a short amount of time.

Here in this blog we are going to help you to submit your journal on abcd Index platform.

To know how to submit journals for indexing read the following steps given in the link below :

Most of the indexing sites provide the same procedure so one can also use this for gaining knowledge in indexing.


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