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Individuals from academic and research fields look for conferences to publish their research work. If one is anyhow related to an academic or research field then they surely know about the conferences. Even if one has no idea what a conference is? Should not have to worry. This blog will clear all the doubts one could have related to conferences. 




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What is a conference?

Conferences are generally known as meetings where people from the same fields meet and share their knowledge, experiences, and learnings with each other. Basically, there are two types of conferences: national and international. The coverage of a national conference is within the country whereas an international conference provides a wider range of audiences through its coverage worldwide. 

Upcoming Online International Conferences In India

Where to find a conference?

At present time, there are many websites that provide information regarding conferences. One thing that individuals have to keep in mind is whether the source from where they are getting the information is authentic or not, otherwise, their valuable research work would go in vain. 

One can rely on the ABCD Index to avoid such kinds of mistakes. This platform provides authentic information related to academic and research areas. Here individuals can find national and international conferences as per their research areas or fields. 

Find Conferences Related to your Research Field

Finding a conference for paper publication is very easy at ABCD Index just go through the following steps and get the desired conference.

  • Open the ABCD Index homepage.
  • Go to the search bar.
  • Select conference from the given menu.
  • Type the research area, field, or subject in which one wants to find conferences.
  • Now click on the search button.

Conferences related to the keyword would be on screen. Apply filters to find specific information.

Submit Conference Paper for Publication

Submit a conference paper

Many scholars, mainly young scholars, have lots of doubts and questions regarding the submission of the conference paper. This segment of the blog will discuss how to submit a conference paper, what measures one should take before submission of the research paper etc. 

Points to consider before submitting a conference paper are as follows:

Follow the format- Before submission of the conference one should prepare their paper in the format provided by the conference organizers. If not then there are high chances of the paper getting rejected at the time of submission or after the submission.


Research oriented paper-  Try to submit a research oriented paper which has fine detailing through graphs, charts or tables wherever required. This type of paper has high chances of acceptance.

Wait patiently - As you know reviewing is a time taking process. It will take at least 10-15 days so after submission of the paper wait patiently for the update or notification from the conference site.

International Conference Paper Presentation Tips

Avoid multiple conferences - One should avoid multiple conference paper submission. It has been seen that individuals who submit their conferences on many platforms become prey to plagiarism. As there are many softwares that automatically saves the work while submission. This decreases the credit of the paper which tarnishes the name of the authors.

Fee - Most of the conferences are paid. Fees of the conferences vary from platform to platform; it can be few dollars to hundreds of dollars.  So it would be wise to check the fee for the conference before submission. 

At last, select the conference and submit the conference paper in its manuscript section and wait for the response. 

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