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Any research needs global recognition and this international journal accept research article for publication. So writing a research paper after getting fruitful outcomes from work is a different skill, but searching a journal is also a great task these days. The reach of journal journals depends on the indexing platform, out of different types of indexing Scopus is valuable, hence getting a list of journals that are Scopus index of a particular research area is highly required. This article help those scholars who have completed their research work and write down a paper for publication. The simple step is just to go ABCD Index portal:

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1. Search journals by your research area.
2. Apply indexing filter Scopus in it.
3. For getting a fast response get a list of paid journals by selecting paid filter option. 
4. Finally click on the journal page, where complete details of the journal were present like ISSN, PISSN, publisher, country, charges if applicable, other indexing information, and paper review time.
5. Author can ask for any other detail about the journal by commenting on the page. Each comment is answered in 24 to 48 hours.
6. More similar journals were also recommended for you on the same page.


As indexing is dynamic, hence constant list-making and distribution is old fashion. These days ABCD Index provides live indexing details of each page. It's a great platform for researchers and academicians to get information about journals and their feedback from the reviewer, comments, etc. In this portal, one can get reviewer details as well for paper review, so few of mistakes or updates will be incorporated to increase the chance of acceptance in the journal.