Scopus Journal List



Every year indexing webportal provide list of journals as per their rules of selection / rejection. Scopus is a known indexing for international journals around the globe. Scholars, scientist, researchers need this list of journal for publication of paper, article, book chapter, letter etc. It was found that generalize list get update once in a year, but on web portal of scopus journal status change frequency throughout the year. Hence Scopus Journal List is not always valid for whole year, as most of data change by the internal team aa per activity suggestion obtained form publisher, reviewer, authors. So next question is how to trance such set of journals. One way is regular visit of scopus portal for all set of such indexed journals, but this activity is time taken as scopus indexed more then 20,000 Journals. Other way is to visit ABCD portal when you need to publish paper, this website regularly monitor many indexing websites by their programs and update data. So current indexing of any journal for most of important journal is present at this single portal. Apart from this information ABCD index provide various filters that can dynamically list journals as per your choice and such single web link gives you update of all your required journal without visiting all set of journal.


So some of basic reasons that people should not follow the static list of scopus are :

  1. This list update once in a year.
  2. No filters were provide to get specific information about the journal in list.
  3. Frequent change of journal index status is not update in your list and this may lead to wrong publication.
  4. List do not provide information like journal is paid or free.
  5. List do not provide information of other indexing of the journal.
  6. Website details of the journal is also not provide in the list. This is the biggest loop hole of the scopus portal, so some of malicious people take advantage and create fake / clone sites to publish content.
  7. Scopus list does not provide country related information as well.
  8. People has to wait for the list for approx two month to publish content. Many of journal who know that their journal may get removed from the index start fast and frequent publication to earn money in name of scopus publication.

To improve all such deficiencies ABCD Index portal provide information with filters so anyone can get direct and correct information of the journals.