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Scopus is one of the top indexing platforms. Which provide indexing for journals and provide various types of other databases related to ones research. individuals in the field of research and academics rigorously seek journals that are indexed in the scopus.

Scopus indexe covers almost all types of journals related to every field of research. Many institutes gave preference to profiles that have published their research papers in any of scopus indexed journals. Sometimes career advancement and promotions of individuals depend on such types of things. All of this encourages people to do the same. 

Find Research Related Database in Computer Science

Computer science has become one of the fastest growing branches in the last two decades. At present nobody can imagine their life without computers. And this field is evolving with more pace due to the continuous research, findings and applications. Researchers and academicians often look for Scopus Indexed Monthly Journals in Computer Science with Low Cost to publish their work.

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Getting published in a scopus index journal for free is a time taking process. It can be 6 months or in some cases it could delay more than that. Usually  people who want to acquire or achieve something great don’t have time to waste on unnecessary delay. To save their time they don’t think otherwise and move to the paid ones that have fast processes compared to the free ones.

If a journal is indexed in scopus then there is a high probability that these journals  would have high fees for publishing research papers in less time or provide fast publications.

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The main purpose here is to publish research papers in scopus indexed journals So individuals seek the journals that provide fast publications with low cost. That not only saves their time but also the money.

As of now there are so many platforms that provide the list of Scopus Indexed Monthly Journals in Computer Science with Low Cost but there is nothing that can ensure that the data provided is authentic or not. Because sometimes people get bluffed by journals that are similar to journals that are indexed at scopus.

Apart from that it is also seen that sometimes Scopus shows a different link probably the clone journal’s link on its portal due to this misleading information academicians got bluffed by the fake journal.

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Individuals belonging to academic and research fields don't have that much knowledge about that and the site is also so much alike to the original one that also makes it hard to recognize. In this situation one can rely on the ABCD Index. It is an indexing platform that lists journals and rates them as per their performance.

 One can follow the points mentioned here for finding the scopus indexed journals in computer science. 

  • Go to ABCD Index homepage and put the keyword related to your domain then  click on the search button. A default list of journals related to ones field  would be on screen.
  • Select paid from the Free / paid filter menus drop down list. Then go to the next filter option.
  • Now select Scopus from the indexing menu then click on the search button.
  • List of scopus index computer science journals would be on screen. 

The knowledge and information is so vast one can not cover it in a packet. So individuals are free to find assistance from other sources as well.

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