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Publication of a journal plays a very important role in the life of Ph. D. candidate, as most scholars look for good indexing journal like Scopus, WoS, ABCD, NAAS, etc. So scholars who search for the Scopus indexed journals without publication fee can get a list of such journals that do not charge to publish papers. These journals specify on their site that publication is free, zero article processing charge. But some of the journals charge by other means like grammar correction, formatting, improved English content, number of paper pages, etc. So scholars should read complete information of such web portals as this information is hidden by journals in a large number of cases as they open such information in the acceptance email. On the basis of feedback, we obtain from the authors and our reviewer team we list out some set of journals that are pure free or unpaid journals. Scholars can list such journals in their publication list and submit papers to get publication without any charge.

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One of the drawbacks of such free journals is that they charge the reader in the name of the subscription. As the journal is a small organization few people may work on a regular basis so need money to continue the article publication, subscription is the option to generate revenue from the journal. This subscription system leads to a decrease in the reach of the paper to the common scholars, so the benefit of refereeing a paper is not achieved from such journals. Another drawback of such journals is that they take a long time to review a paper before publishing as none of the reviewers or editor get directly benefit from the paper status. So Scopus indexed journals with publication charges is also in demand as this reduces the publication time and increases the citation of paper in a few months. Few journals publish content in both modes either free of charge or paid depending on user choice as both modes are welcome so scholars can opt for any mode of publication depending on direct need. This article is good for the mentors as well because most of time scholars ask for such list of journals maintaining such a dynamic list is tough for mentor. This portal provide such a dynamic list without any charge. We have huge community of reviewer and scholars who continuously monitor journals and update us as per current visit of journal information, journal email, behavior, etc.

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