Scopus Indexed Journals In India



International journals are indexed by different agencies. Each indexing platform has its own set of rules to select a journal for indexing. Out of many indexing platforms Scopus has its own importance as people are following it. The international journal accepts paper globally but due to transaction issues and language problems, scholars prefer publication in the same country. Considering this fact most of people search for Scopus Indexed Journals in India, some of the basic reasons are listed below:


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scopus indexed indian medical journals

scopus indexed social science journals in india

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scopus journal in india

    1. Accepts English language papers.
    2. Low paper review time.
    3. Low publication time.
    4. Publication charges of the journal is also very low as compared to another country journal.
    5. Flexible communication medium like email / phone / etc.
    6. Accepts payment in all sets of currency, so publication fees transfer is not a big issue.


Due to all above reasons scholars prefer publication in these journals. ABCD portal list such a set of journals that are indexed in Scopus with their research area. This kind of list reduces search time of the scholars. Apart from indexing ABCD portal provide variety of related information about the journal that updates the authors about the journal before paper submission.

Some of the major information is:

  1. Current indexing of the journal, Scopus, UGC-CARE, Web of Science.
  2. Journal is paid or free.
  3. Journal peer review type and its approx processing time.
  4. Journal correct site details.
  5. List of fake sites that are clones of such journals.
  6. Journal citation and importance of publication
  7. Scholars reviews about the journal.
  8. Rating of the journal as per work done in research and behavior with the author after paper submission. As some of journal charge money after acceptance of paper.

In order to get a fast list of scopus indexed journals in India portal provides filters that dynamically generate data as per visitor requirement. As journal has specific research area for publication hence user can search by interesting area, indexing, country, and paid/ free option.  I request scholars to visit ABCD portal before submission to any journal to verify journal reviews as many of journals get un-indexed or may be un-indexed in the coming days, our portal inform all such information to the authors. Scopus sites also gets confused as many of publishers frequently pass wrong data to scopus and take advantage of frequent publication to earn money. Such information of malicious or unfair activity was also monitor.