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Scholars and other academic, research individuals work on several research projects in their academic career. Many times they have to publish their research work in a reputed indexed platform to gain advancements in career, promotion, and other opportunities that depend on the quality publications they have. Opportunities like these are only for limited time so they often seek scopus indexed journals 2024 fast publication to ensure their positions in near future. 

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There are plenty of platforms available today that can assist scholars in finding scopus indexed journals 2024 fast publication. So that they can publish their research work with the audience having a similar field or are interested in that field of research. ABCD Index is one of the listing platforms that provide a list of good indexed journals on its platform. One can find different indexing journals that publish research papers for free to increase the research in various academic fields. Not only this, one can also find conferences related to their research areas to publish their research work. 

Apart from this, for free and fast publication one submit their research work on ABCD Index RAMP. Its a free publication platform, where scholars submit their research paper and article to get published in an ABCD Index listed journal, without any charges.

How to submit paper in ABCD RAMP

Submitting paper to review and publication at ABCD Index is very easy and user friendly. Following points will discuss the process of submission at RAMP.

  • Click on the submit paper link. This will lead one to the RAMP portal.
  • At the submission page of ABCD RAMP, a form is present that one has to fill for the submission. 
  • Authors have to fill in details like - name, email, affiliation, department, paper details: title, abstract, keywords etc.
  • After filling all the details, now submit the manuscript in docx or pdf format.
  • Check the details once more before clicking on the submit button. If all the details are correct then click on the submit button. 
  • One can see the submission message on the screen. Also received a notification of paper submission via mail.
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