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Scopus is a widely known research and academic indexing platform. It provides databases for research and academic purposes in the field of science, social sciences, physical science, arts, humanities etc. it covers a variety of journals and publishers, libraries etc. to provide more accurate information to its users.Due to its wide coverage and popularity among the academicians many institutes, journals, and authors incline toward it.

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Apart from that many universities, institutes gave preference to individuals who have published their research papers and articles in one of the Scopus index journals. They don’t have to wander around seeking opportunities outside of their fields.

How to find journals that are indexed in Scopus?

There are many websites and other resources available today which provide information related to journals in specific fields. Scopus itself provides a search facility on its portal to help its users in finding resources. 

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One can follow the steps given below to find the journals listed at Scopus:

  • Firstly go to the Scopus website’s home page.
  • Find the search option provided above right of the page and click on it.
  • Secondly write key words related to your field then click on the search button or press enter from the keyboard.
  • A list of journals would be on your screen.

Finding journal and other resources using keywords at scopus is  easy but if you are looking for a list then this won’t be useful for you because so many journals listed in the Scopus and it provides only a default list of journals that may be not that useful to the one who are looking for the filtered information as per their research areas.

ABCD index is an indexing platform, which provides all types of databases on its website. One can easily find a Scopus database list of journals at the ABCD index. This platform is very user friendly. It provides filters to find specified information in less time. One can easily find Scopus indexed journals just by filtering them on site.

To find the Scopus database list of journals one can use the following steps and search accordingly as per their field.

  • Go to the ABCD index home page.
  • Select Journals from the search bar then click on the search button. Or put keywords related to your field of research then click on the search button.
  • A default list of journals would be on the screen.
  • Left side of the window some filters were given, use them to find specific information.
  • To find a scopus index journal, go to the filter section and click on the indexing menu.
  • A drop down list will be open. Select Scopus from it then click on the search button.
  • Scopus indexed journal list would be on the screen.

If one wants to find journals related to a specific country then go to the filter section and put the country of your choice then click on the search button. Scopus index journals related to that country would be on the screen. If one is looking for free journals then they can filter free Scopus index journals at ABCD Index.