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Research is a process to find a new dimension in the same field or topic. So young scholar has to read/finds related papers proposed by other authors. So scholar uses search engine platform to get Research Paper Download Free links, but as such platforms are general and do not provide filters to get the relevant papers. To resolve such issues during research, ABCD Index platform develop an article section that has a collection of good journal papers with abstract details and provide a simple search option for scholars to get papers of relevant field. This platform provides data filters that help to reach the more relevant content that users exactly need, such as

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  1. Filter content as per publication year, sometimes Scholars looking for the latest research topics but search engines provide popular content as per their algorithm. So this filter help to get it. One more feasibility is the year range selection option to get papers from a particular year.
  2. Filter content/papers as per country, this helps scholars to get some paper that is published by local people. Researchers can reach such people for guidance, or another practical lab approach, software solution, etc.
  3. ABCDIndex further provides a Paid / Free / Hybrid Access filter that helps the scholar to filer content as per their access. Some of the journals has free access but their content quality is poor. Some journal has very good quality content but their access is high (cost). To balance a student search we select only good journals that publish quality content either paid or free. Further, we find the paper that is free access on the journal and list on site.


The main motive of this feature of the site is to provide the good content of the publisher to correct candidate who is looking for it. Our platform help scholars and publishers meet each other. By selecting of Open Access filter scholars are able to get Research Paper Download Free links of journals. Apart from this free link platform abstract option help them to read the article and have a little idea about the paper so before getting a site visit researchers to know that a journal paper is what they are looking for. Some of the steps of searching is mentioned below for the first time scholars:

  1. Select the article search option and type research area-related keywords, then click on the search button.
  2. After the search button click It will list papers and to further refine the list using the Free access option to download papers for free.
  3. Before clicking on the download button check the paper abstract on the site for getting more confident about the content.


Scholars, researchers, reviewer, authors, etc. can use this free platform to complete their research work and allow people to know more about it.

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