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Scholars and researchers belonging to different fields of research seek sites to publish research papers online free or free journals to publish research papers. The motive behind seeking journals to publish papers for free is to earn respect among the research community, career advancement, and global recognition. This blog will let one know about the free paper publishing platforms along with benefits of online publication including points to keep in mind while writing a research paper. 

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Benefits of publishing research paper online

Easy to refer - Online published research papers or articles can be cited and referred to easily by scholars.  

Open access - Most of the online journals provide open access at their platform. Individuals from around the world can find the research paper easily whenever or wherever they want.

Increase the reach of the research work - International journals that provide online publication ensure availability of ones research paper to the wider audience.

Global recognition - Many journals run community portals on their platforms where scholars belonging to the same field can connect to one another and share research updates with a global audience.

Increase citation - Online published research papers and articles get more citations compared to print one. One of the benefits of online availability of research papers is they can be tracked easily so scholars would be able to get hassle free authentic information. 

Points to keep in mind while writing research paper

Abstract - Write a precise abstract of the research paper. An abstract provides an overview of the research paper and informs reviewers /readers whether to continue or skip the paper.  It should not be too long or too short.

Previous work - Mention previous work with proper citation and references. This will increase the quality of paper and readers would be able to find the work as per their need.

Methods - Describe the methods used in the research properly.

Result - Write the result section in detail. Include data tables, charts, etc to highlight the result. 

Conclusion - Write the conclusion with the hint of potential research areas so that research on the same can proceed further. 

There are plenty of other websites as well that provide free publication. Individuals can find and use the information as per their discernment.