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In the world of web, there are many sites that provide information related to academic and research areas but there are also some sites that claim themselves genuine but in reality, they propagate false information. Academicians or other scholars find it hard to distinguish between real and fake, so sometimes they trust the false statements and consequently face loss.

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ABCD index is a free access platform that works multidimensional. All the information available on this platform is freely accessible to scholars, researchers, and academicians around the globe. The ABCD Index team works rigorously to provide authentic information to the users who are looking for genuine information on the web.

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ABCD Index is built by researchers who have been working in the research and academic fields for decades. They know the requirements of the current time and plan according to the data & experience they earned with time. All the information provided on ABCD Index platform is authentic and verified. So anyone can use the information provided on the platform for their academic & research purposes without a second doubt.

Get a list of ABCD Index Mechanical Engineering Journals

To find journals for publishing research papers at ABCD follow the steps given below:

1.  Go to the ABCD index page and type the domain name or field in which you want journals; then click on the search button.

2. A default list of Journals related to your domain or field will show up on your screen. See journals that suit your domain and research area most.

3. One can find desired information by clicking on the title of journals. All the important details provided on the journals page. Apart from that one can find more details through the official website of the journal given on the journal page.

Get a list of ABCD Index Computer Science Journals 

4. Go to the filter section, here one can filter journals as per country, free / Paid journals, indexing, ratings, etc.

5. To find ABCD approved journals, select ABCD Index from the Indexing menu provided in the filter section.

6. Now click on the search button.

A list of ABCD Index approved journals will be shown on screen.

7. If you want ABCD Index A rating journals then go to the rating tab in the filter section and select rating "A"; then search it.

The list of "A" rated Journals will be visible on screen.

ABCD Index platform highly supports true and authentic work so the journals, data, information, etc presented on the ABCD Index website are accurate. One can also verify the information through the links provided on the pages of the journals listed on the ABCD Index platform.