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Academic and research individuals working really hard on their research projects or subjects they have expertise in. any one who is working in the academic and research fields has to publish articles in a journal. To inform others in the field about the research, methods, findings, etc. 

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Students pursuing masters, phd scholars and other individuals who just initiated their research journey and recently completed their first ever research paper do not have much idea about the research paper and article publications. They have queries like where to publish, how to publish article in journal, how much time needed to publish an article and so on. This blog will help young researchers/ scholars in clearing their doubts related to article publications and guide them how to submit your article for publication and how publish article in journal 

Lets begin with how to publish articles in a journal. Publishing an article in a journal is not an easy task. One has to follow all the rules and regulations and do as directed by the reviewers to improve the quality of the paper. If a journal thinks the paper is as per their standard then it will get published on journals website and included in journals databases. Now one will have queries like how to submit their article for publications.

How to submit your article for  publication 

In this segment of the blog one will know how to submit their article for publication in a journal. Steps to submit your article for publication are as follows:

  • Firstly, find a journal which is working in the same domain as yours. ( To find journals in different fields of research one can visit the ABCD Index.)
  • Go to the journal's website and find the paper submission/ manuscript submission page on the website.
  • Here some guidelines were given to authors about the paper's publication like formatting, titles, headings, arrangements, etc. to prepare the paper as per the format provided by the journal. Follow the format and adjust the research paper or article as per the format. 
  • Now go to the manuscript submission portal of the journal. Fill all the details asked by the journal like - name, email id, affiliation, country, paper title, keywords, abstract etc.
  • After completion of all the important details, upload the research paper or article in the format asked by the journal i.e - pdf, docx.
  • Now check the information filled in the form and correct if found any then click on the submission button.

Generally it would take 10-15 days to review. After this process the journal will contact the author if any correction is required. Keep the mailbox in checklist during this period as mailing is the only way journals prefer to notify authors.