Conferences provide a platform where individuals belonging to the same field can meet, discuss and showcase their research works, outcomes, progress, and ongoing developments. Students, PhD scholars, and researchers attend conferences due to various reasons like- career opportunities, research ideas, knowing the current trend of research, seeking mentors etc.

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Apart from that, scholars who want to publish their research paper for the first time are often advised to attend a national or international conference. Those who are new to the field and want to explore the academic and research area to begin their research journey know how important it is to attend a conference. It not only helps them in accumulating things around them but also opens up a variety of opportunities in the field. As conferences provide a stage to same-minded individuals who thrive for more in the field.

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Scholars and researchers often look for journals to publish their research work in reputed journals or other platforms that ensures the reach of their research work at the global level. Paper submission conference is not an easy task because it has to be prepared according to the norms decided by the organizing committee otherwise they get rejected or return to the author to make changes accordingly.

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So one has to keep some important points in mind before submitting a paper to a conference so that they get accepted easily for review.

  • Check plagiarism.
  • Prepare it as per the format decided by the organizing body.
  • Use formatting as advised.
  • Convert files into PDF format as it is asked in most of the conferences.
  • Make a backup of all the necessary documents.
  • Fill active contact information so that communication remains flawless.

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Where to find conferences?

As there are plenty of resources available today but many of them dont even know what they are propagating, it flows false information at the same time. As everything has two faces so the resources. ABCD Index is one of the resources that provide information about the national and international conferences that are functioning in upcoming months. One can find all the details related to the conference on the conference detail page.

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 How to submit paper to conference

  • First of all, find a conference that is going to be held in your area of research. In other words, look for conferences that are inviting papers from the topics you are working on.
  • For finding conferences visit the ABCD Index platform and find national and international conferences going to be held in upcoming months.  Here one can also filter conferences as per their country, date and research areas. 
  • Apart from that, one can also find conference details by clicking on it. The conference page opens. Here brief details of the conference can be attained. For more information visit the official website of the conference provided on the page.
  • For paper submission visit the conference official website present at ABCD Index conference page and explore it.
  • Find the paper submission option from the menu and click on it. This will redirect you to the conference paper submission page.
  • Prepare the paper as per the directions present on the site. This will reduce the rejection chances of the paper. The format is usually decided by the organizing committee and most of the websites share it on their websites.
  • Follow the format strictly and prepare the paper submission conference.
  •  Register at the site and upload the paper in the format asked by the committee.
  • After filling the details check it again before submission as notification/ response from the conference site will come through the contact details provided by you on the site.
  • After submitting the paper, wait for the notification from the conference organizing committee.

One can find all the information related to conferences at the ABCD Index platform. The information provided on this portal is authentic and verified by many researchers and academicians in related fields. One can also find other sources to find information as per their needs.