Monthly Published Scopus Indexed Journals



International journal publication is in high demand among scholars who are pursuing master's or doctorate courses. So the frequency of publication next is another important factor as the review process depends on this frequency as well. Researchers who are looking for Monthly Published Scopus indexed Journals need some platform or list of journals that are actively publishing content in their working domain. But such lists are maintained by the Indexing platform and most of the platforms do not provide all information about journals, they provide website links of journals. On the website of journals information about publications is unstructured as each has its own way of showing content. Hence new scholar is completely confused about this journal selection step.  In order to assist those scholars filters are required with a huge journals database.

Some of the important journal listed under different area is:

Language Journal List

Commerce Journal List of Scopus Indexing

Management Journal List for Monthly Publication

Engineering Journal List

ABCD Index platform provides such information in very easy steps:

  1. Search journal by your research area. If scholars knows about a journal then simply search by issn.
  2. Now apply the Indexing filter Scopus on this search result.
  3. Once the list of journals is provided the scholar can visit the journal profile page.
  4. On the journal profile page Number of issues, the field shows the publication frequency.
  5. In order to get the monthly published check number of issue 12. So monthly published journals have 12 issues in a year.
  6. To get more fast publishers people can go with 24 issues or 48 issues. These publishers provide 15 days or 7 days of publication.

Students who are managing such a list can get more sets of journals from the portal by getting the support of filters like indexing, country, Rating, paid, and open access. Apart from such information in order to get to know about journal publication fees, the journal profile page clearly mentions publication fees in dollars. In some of the journal cases who are publishing content on a hybrid model then that fee is for the open access.

Finally, scholars should also show the journal list to the mentor before final submission as some time subject area and publication area may differ or journals have a high checkpoints that the paper is not matching.