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Students, scholars and researchers conduct research and write research papers or articles about the work they have done so far. The first thing done by any individual who wants to make a career in academic and research fields is collect databases related to their domain so that they can be aware of the work, methods, techniques, research topics etc. Scholars and other academicians have to check the water before going into it. So they have to read previously published research papers and articles to gain basic understanding of the topic or research area. 

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Students , scholars and researchers who write research papers and articles from time to time need to read so many research papers and articles related to the field in which they want to do research. For this they read approx 10 to 20 research papers or articles that are somehow related to their field of research. Academics and researchers have to do other tasks too in their daily life along with the research they are working on so usually they don't have that much time to invest into reading so much data. To resolve this they look for a review research paper. 

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If you are a beginner then you must read and seek assistance from the previously published research article and research paper to clear the basic understanding of that topic and also get to know the demand of a particular area and ideas about what to do and what not.

Literature review research paper compiles the Review of research papers at one place. Review of research papers helps scholars and researchers to get different research papers essential data like methods, techniques, outcomes, uses in less time. Because of this, literature review research papers demand are always high among academicians and researchers. There are some other reasons as well that attract academic and research individuals towards the review research paper.

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  • High citations
  • Identify problems
  • Knowledge booster
  • Get ideas
  • Helps in understanding techniques
  • Summarise / evaluate research papers and place them collectively.
  • Provide a summary of different views at one place.

 Identify problems – literature review helps in identifying problems regarding the models, techniques or methods used in that particular research paper or article. This helps in finding and generating more accurate outcomes in the field of research.

Knowledge booster – Review of research papers helps in boosting the knowledge of individuals who want to explore the field of research and provide basics of the research of every field.

Helps in understanding techniques - Literature review research paper helps in understanding techniques and methods used in different research papers and articles related to once filed. Scholars learn and understand the techniques used in the research paper.

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Helps in getting ideas to improve the research paper – Review research paper helps in getting ideas to improve the ongoing research in terms of techniques or methods so that they can continue their research as per current trends.

High citations – Generally review papers have high citations compared to other types of research paper and articles published in any domain of academic and research areas. This is one of the reasons that attracts more academic and research individuals to write review papers and get more citations for their work.

The information is everywhere, individuals suggested to select wisely before consuming the data. One can also find other platforms as well to get information related to the research and academic work.