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Academic and research communities, scholars, and other individuals who are somehow connected to research fields often look for journals that publish articles for free to publish their research work. Writing a research paper is a full time task that one has to complete with full focus and attention. Many scholars have to go through a variety of platforms to find valid resources to complete ones research paper with accuracy. 

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In the following segment one will be able to understand the process of writing a research paper to get accepted by journals that publish articles for free.

Title -  Choose a unique title that shows the need of research in that particular area and also reflect the connection with the research paper. A well chosen title makes readers turn their head toward the research paper as it is the first thing that attracts individuals to go further. 

Abstract - After the title the next important factor that helps readers in determining whether they should continue or not is the abstract of the paper. One should write a precise summary on the research paper presenting an overview of the research so that individuals would be able to understand whether the following paper is relevant to them or not. 

Previous work - Find reliable sources to strengthen the basics, write a literature review section to show the ground work done by authors with proper references.

Introduction - Write an introduction of the research paper that includes why research on this topic is important and how this research will solve the related issue precisely. Apart from this, one can also discuss what one will get from this research paper.

Methods - One should describe the data, methods or techniques that are used in a research paper with reliable sources so that reviewers as well as readers can understand easily. 

Result/Outcome - Scholars should use tables, graphs, datasets to describe the result section. This enhances the visibility of the research work and attracts more citations.

Conclusion - Individuals should write a conclusion precisely covering all the important aspects of the research paper, motive behind research and how much it is achieved. Also give hints to the readers about the areas that need to be considered in getting desired research outputs.

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