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Research is always a platform to get spread around the world, some of the best sources are publications in International Journal. Hence many researchers find Journals to publish Research Paper that have good reach either online or offline. Many International publishers do publication in various fields, selection of one out of those is a major task for the scholars. In order to provide support for such young author’s basic rules were list:

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1.Check publication charges of the journal: It’s a n important factor as many journals charge in hundreds of dollars that is tough for the authors. Apart from publication some Journals charge for number of page count, number of authors, etc. So clear the charges of the journal before submission.

2.Listing of journals is very important as many scholars are doing publication but content is limited to publishing platforms. Hence Indexing plays an important role after publication, as presence of similar content on other platforms is done by the journal. As high indexing platform journals can spread to more people globally.

3.Publication review, processing time is very crucial, so always check review and publication time from the publisher before paper submission. Many journals follow a single or double blind review process to check content from one or two reviewers. Review process time may be from one week to eight weeks. Sometimes reviewers ask to revise papers as well.

4.Journal content relevancy with your research content is very important as doing publication in irrelevant journal is a waste of content. Each journal website attracts a kind of audience/readers so if submitted content is not matching then acceptance chances are very low.

Always consult with your mentor about the content, journal before publication. Each of the International journals is doing publication on the basis of the reviewers comment and hence authors are always answerable for the publication. Many Journals hide few of the above information so do not go with such journals who are not mentioning address, phone, or other contact details. People should go with journals who are proving the DOI number to the paper. Journal age is always an important factor before publication so do check it after that and find that each volume issue has at least 2 to 3 papers.

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