Journal Search Engines



Journal Search Engines

Scholars, academicians, researchers, PHD scholars and other individuals who want to do research in certain areas or fields always seek resources like journals, libraries, academic institutes and other platforms where they can find relevant data for their research.

Times have changed, now everything is digitalized and available online for your sake. One can search each and everything related to their research on the internet.

There is no doubt in finding the database through random search but the content you would find may be relevant or irrelevant to you or not have the quality one is looking for; In that case, one has to visit more platforms and keep searching to find useful data for research.

As you know, finding good research data online for one’s research is an important task to accomplish because it would impact research quality directly or indirectly. So it became a top priority for researchers, scholars or academicians to find good quality data in one place to lessen work time.

Here in this article, we are going to know some of the journal search engines that would help you in finding research-relevant data in one's field or discipline easily.

Finding quality data or knowledge related to one's subject or field is not a cakewalk for everyone so in order to gather all the information related to one's research with high-quality content one can look for some academic journal search engines that provide open access to its directory or library for the individuals who are looking for research related database.

There are so many journals, databases, directories and libraries available over the internet to help scholars, academicians and other individuals who are eagerly seeking research datasets that will enhance their knowledge in order to build a foundation or have basic knowledge about their topic. Some of them are listed in the following list given below :





Google scholar





Pubmed central

Microsoft academic


The journal search engines listed here give a variety of options to scholars, researchers and academicians for selecting a search engine to aid one’s research thoroughly. Having different sources and a variety of options to conduct effective research is a plus point for them.

One should always keep their eyes and mind open for good things so that they can have quality content at their fingertips.