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Researchers put down a lot of effort to find solutions, reasons, and different issues. This work is justified by the reviewer and related journal publication. In order to reduce the researcher load many publishers do journal publication free of charge. Some journals get financial aid from the bodies who support expenses of the journal. But many journals depend on the subscription model for generating revenue. Scholars who are submitting articles in such free journals need to take care of many following important points that may lead to reduced work reach.

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1.     Journal work for the promotion of published articles: This factor is very important as authors are not only publishing papers but they also need the citation as well. As more citations count the value of paper is high. So if a journal is just publishing articles and not doing any other activities try to avoid such platforms.
2.     Subscription of Journal: As many journals are doing business on the basis of subscription model hence published articles are not free to download. People need to publish content in those journals that support Open Access. Article citation depends on the reads of content, it was found that open access articles of even some low quality content are highly cited.
3.     Journal Indexing: This is an important factor and many scholars try to judge this but it was found that all are looking for one or two major indexing. Apart from this some other indexing platforms also have a good set of audience visits that increases the journal strength.
4.     Review Time: Many free publishers take a long review time more than six months, this increases the chance of authors to get diverted to paid journals. Sometimes rejection after such a long wait may affect the confidence of authors. So journals have limited and justified review time and process is highly desirable in free journal publication.
Mentors should always keep a list of such a set of journals which includes valid ISSN, Online platform, Free Access, Free publication, peer review, etc. To remain updated with the journal list, mentors should join some research community that will update it timely with indexing details and benefits of publication. As all nations know that knowledge transfer to the next generation is important, hence the research budget is increasing day by day. But care of such knowledge is done by international journals and support for such important journals should be done by the nation by providing some financial aid that makes them remain free. Many journals work as free publishers but review time of such journals are high hence it is required that reviewers should support those journals and provide publication content review in short time. This time reduces the researchers comfort, as publication of articles may directly enhance the career. 

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