Journal Indexing Sites



International journals are increasing day by day globally more than 200 thousand journals are registered in different fields of research. As international journals are a good source of income hence people do the publication of different field papers. To improve journal work some of the indexing portals are recognized globally that can filter journals as per a set of ethical rules defined or accepted by the indexing board. Some of the famous indexing services are Scopus, Web of Science, ABCD, Thomas Reuters, NAAS, etc. Each of body is free do not charge any journals for any grade of  indexing, researchers are always looking for good indexing publication due to following reasons:

  1. The global reach of the indexed journals.
  2. Wide audience by subscribers and librarians.
  3. Increase citation of paper as well.
  4. Authenticate research work by approved journal and journal is validated by indexing portal.
  5. Improve paperwork, as many reviewers give suggestions.

In order to index your journal follow the below steps:

Website URL

Journal first issue month year,

Number of Issue in a year,

Paid/ Free

Current indexing

Editor details with his email-Id

Most of the communication is done by email, so responses to every email help in fast indexing. Journal do have E-ISSN number or digital publication ISSN number are not entertained by ABCD Index, while other indexing platforms do have such restrictions. Indexing sites for journals always care for filtering criteria/policies it follows. Be aware of paid agencies who take money for indexing journals they provide impact factors. Such agencies accept all sets of journals by compromising the publication ethics as they always look for money. Journal Indexing sites increase the validity of the journal by assigning some grades in form of impact factor, cite score, etc. Such values are evaluated from the journal content, published article popularity/ citation count. At last, I suggest editors list their journals in good indexing sites that provide a free valuation of journals and improve journal presence as well. Some of the Indexing portals provide space for research papers as well that will directly increase the paper visibility of the journal as the audience of the indexing portal also read and cite papers. So always refer to such indexing portals those are big and have huge research community as well.