Journal Indexing Databases



International journals are publisher platforms where research articles are published with the aim to transfer knowledge from one generation to other. Publishers are increasing day by day from hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands. Hence monitoring of publisher works plays an important role in the world, this is done by some indexing agencies that maintains Journal Indexing Databases. As indexing of journal plays more important than publisher content these days hence many of agencies start doing this work but at the end world need more filter to get a good journal with good indexing. So Top journal indexing databases are adopted globally by the research institute, universities, governments, etc. Such indexing databases are:

Scopus Indexing Database

Web of Science Indexing Database

NAAS Indexing Database

ABCD Index Database

UGC-CARE Index Database

Many journals are indexed by more than one indexing database. Hence as per the publication content, such things are maintained by the agencies. But as few agencies have their own journals are they index them hence the reliability of such things are getting less as many scholars are not getting a chance to publish content on such big platform due to n number of reasons like review time, low profile of the author, publication cost, poor writing skills, etc. So to overcome such drawbacks of indexing ABCD index platform was developed by the researcher with the aim that reviewers review plays a vital role in the ranking of journals on the indexing platform. Apart from this journal behavior with the authors during the communication also matters in categorizing journals into A, B, C, and D. To get more variety this is not limited to its own indexing but provides indexing of other portals as well, hence scholars can get desired list of the journal at one single platform where all top journal indexing databases are maintained. So types of journal indexing do not confuse the scholar before submitting the journal as they have clear reviews from authors who have published content like review time, charges, hidden conditions, etc.

Objective of all types of journal indexing should be to inform valuable information of journal to the authors for publication. So scholars who are looking for what is the index of a journal can directly visit ABCD Index portal and type the issn number to get all information about the journal without any charges, subscription, etc.