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Every academician needs journals whether it is finding relevant data in their fields or to publish research papers and articles. They seek journals because it plays an important role before and after the research.

There are more than 2k academic journals presented in the world and still counting progressively each year. Finding a journal which fulfil all the criteria that is needed for a world wide

Before writing a research paper one needs to gather some important information about it which would be helpful for them while doing research like basics of that particular project, various methods, tools, outcomes, analysis of data, findings related data which was done previously in that discipline by the scholars or researchers all around the globe. so usually they were used by scholars, researchers or by other individuals who are interested in gaining deep knowledge and being up to date about the theories, findings, outcomes or any types of new developments happening in the world of research.

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Apart from that as researchers and academicians are mainly busy conducting research they won’t have much time to socialise therefore they lack a network which helps them in gaining more recognition among the other researchers, scholars in the field. so finding a journal which helps their work to get recognition by the other academicians and audiences belonging to their subject or field is a top priority for them. 

Scholars and researchers always seek platforms which would be able to provide them with a good database for their research as they have to have experience of at least 10-15 researches so that they can learn and understand better by their works then begin research without or less possible mistakes.

The credibility and worthiness of a journal is decided by mutual scores of some factors like no of citations, impact factor, indices, impact score etc.

There are many journals available at present but finding a journal which fulfils all aspects of your needs is not that easy because the number of predatory journals are increasing day by day.

As you know the indexing agencies increased the range of the journals which helps researchers and academicians to get recognition among the other scholars, readers, researchers and experts in their field and grow their profile in a synchronised way to achieve a successful career.

There are many indexing sites which provide database, indexing, ranking and ratings to the journals which are doing a good job in their domain and spreading quality content among the people all over the world. They are one of the good sources to find right journals for one's needs. It can be collecting informative data for research or publishing research papers or articles.

Web of science is a database and indexing platform which provides paid access to its users. This platform provides citations, references and databases from various fields by indexing them. One can find all the data they need from it and also find journals for publications.

So, for getting a good publisher or journal one can also visit ABCD indexing platform which provides a list of journals and links of other databases related to various fields like science, mathematics, arts, humanities, technology, engineering, data science etc for its users free of cost.