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Researchers contribute to society in different dimensions. Contribution includes research, lectures, guidance, and validation. Out of all dimensions, research validation is done by journals but such verification needs experts who have a thorough knowledge of that area. So reviewer selection of such an area is done by editorial board members. Some of the journals make an open call for the reviewer to Joins as Editorial Board Member. To get such opportunities in international journal researchers, and professors forward resume randomly to the journals. Many times journal is not in need of such a new member. Hence work of people gets wasted. In order to reduce this headache of searching for a position on the editorial board, the ABCD Index platform involves the Reviewer profile section. This section help researchers create their profile and showcase their work under the following points.

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  1. Researcher Name and Designation in the institute
  2. Research Area, help publisher to filter people
  3. Brief introduction section to showcase your curriculum activities, academics, awards, etc.
  4. Journal publication section. This is important as a publisher can understand your expertise level. ABCD Index platform provides publication details with indexing of journal.
  5. Book publications list.
  6. Patent list.
  7. Followers of the reviewer profile. This also attracts publishers as people need good researchers.
  8. Profile view count. Many times publishers impact these parameters.
  9. Contact details are open for registered publishers.

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All the above points are good enough to judge a person to offer a Join in Editorial Board. As per the requirement publisher contact directly to the reviewer. Some time publisher request for the list of reviewer then ABCD Index recommend a few top viewers/followers people list.

 Apart from publisher editorial member selection reviewers also get benefitted under the following heads:

  • People get a direct reach of reviewers to take Ph.D. final defense. As filters are open for all visitors and free as well.
  • College/Institutes search for expert lectures on specific topics.
  • Conference guest invitations, especially in the case of international conferences.
  • Industrial audits need an expert whose presence and verification plays an important role.

So research should create a reviewer profile at ABCD Index portal and enhance their carrier to increase the global height of Individual, Institute, Universities, Nation.

Some of the major responsibilities of the reviewers are mentioned at: